Smart Secure’s automation learns from your smart home’s connected devices to automatically adjust to your preferred comfort level and proactively alert you to potential safety or security issues around your property.

Multi Sensor

One Touch Control

The easily accessible “Scenes” feature, conveniently located in the Smart Secure mobile app, gives you the ability to change the settings of multiple smart devices at once. With endless choices for full customization, you can quickly and easily change your entire smart home with just one click.


Create a series of custom “Geo-Service” rules that automatically turn your smart home system on or off based on your smartphone location. This feature, available at no additional cost, can send arming reminders when you forget to lock up, adjust the thermostat when your home is empty, pause camera recording schedules, turn smart lights on or off, and more.


Stay one step ahead with “Unexpected Activity” notifications. Using real-time device data and powerful insights, Smart Secure adapts to your home’s unique activity pattern and notifies you when any changes are detected.